Monday Y5/6 Swimming

Tuesday  Y7/8 Swimming

Wednesday Y3/4 Swimming

Steeple Rock will go home Friday this week

Thursday 02 April.   Hui to Farewell Peter Pointon 1.45pm.

School will finish at normal time of 2.55pm


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Welcome to Seatoun School

 From the Principal
It’s hard to believe that this will be my final ‘Principal of Seatoun School ‘newsletter. Fourteen years have flown by and so much has happened and so many things have changed – from the very big things like moving from Falkirk Avenue to 59 Burnham Street, to the very little things, like we no longer sell pies or school stationery.

Last evening I was humbled and moved by the very special farewell extended to me by this very special community. Thanks again to FoSS for organising the occasion in true ‘Seatoun’ spirit and style.

Being part of a team of people charged with re-creating Seatoun School on this Fort Dorset site, was a unique opportunity, and has been a fantastic experience. Last evening I spoke a bit about some of the many highlights and experiences I have enjoyed over my time here - they all had one common, key ingredient – people. So many people have supported and worked alongside me to make this an outstanding school. It’s been an absolute honour and privilege. I would again like to acknowledge Sarah Bacon, our Board Chair for the last 6 years. If the relationship between Board Chair and principal/CEO doesn’t work the implications for the whole organisation can be disastrous. She has done an outstanding job.

There is so much that I will miss and I am unsure of how well I will make the adjustment to no longer having “Principal of Seatoun School” pretty well automatically suffixed to my name. But I do know it’s time to go, and I feel really good that I will be leaving our school in such good heart and capable hands. The staff and board are strong and united; parents are involved and supportive and most importantly of all, the children are overflowing with ‘sparkle.’

John Western is excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity he has been given to lead Seatoun School. He has some awareness of how special this community is, but he is yet to experience first- hand, just how special it is. I wish him every success.


Thank you.



Seatoun School was established in 1916 as a 'side school' to Worser Bay.  In 1921, Seatoun was recognised as a separate school and in April 2002 we moved into our wonderful new facilities on the old Fort Dorset site. Seatoun School has a proud tradition of being a focal point in the community and has always enjoyed a high level of community involvement.

The school caters for children from new entrants up to year eight and reflects Seatoun's multi-cultural community.  Students from Maori, European, Indian, Pacific Island, Chinese and Asian backgrounds attend Seatoun School and we are extremely proud of the safe, caring, family environment our full primary status provides.

Seatoun School is about learning for everyone, children, parents and teachers - learning to know, learning to do, learning to live and learning to be.  We aim to accomplish the primary goal of education - engendering a love of learning, a desire to learn and a capability and confidence to learn.

Peter Pointon (Principal)

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