Urgent Reminder.  Help is required to move the furniture back into the classrooms.  10.00 am  Sunday 01 February.  Many hands will make light work of  the job.

Thank you.


 Happy New Year.

Mon 02 Feb. Teacher Only Day

Tue.03 Feb. Meet the Teacher.

Wed.04 Feb. School starts.  Children bring clothing suitable for House Sports in the afternoon.

Fri 06 Feb.  Waitangi Day.  School closed.











Welcome to Seatoun School

From the Principal

End-of Year Reports & 2015 Class Lists:
Children will be bringing their reports and, where applicable, 2015 class lists home on Tuesday 16 December. Enclosed with each report will be some information/suggestions of how parents can support their child’s learning at home.
Year 1&2 Class Organisation:
Each year we create an organisation that will optimally address student numbers. Options range from ‘straight’ Y1 and 2 classes to all composite classes, to some combination of both. Whatever option we decide upon is thought through very carefully. Next year there will be one Year 1&2 composite. This does not mean that the Y1 children in this class are the ’most advanced’ or the Y2 children are the ‘least advanced.’ It is simply a mechanism to create the most balanced classes we can (gender, individual needs, etc).


Tsunami Blue Lines

As many of you may be aware, the Wellington Regional Emergency Office or WREMO have been working with our local community on the 'Blue lines' project. The project will include the painting of lines, arrows and and placement of signs around the whole of the Miramar peninsula.  

The working group (including a representative from Seatoun School) has been engaged in recommending the placement of lines, arrows and signs.  WREMO have consolidated this input and provided some draft maps showing the proposed placement of lines, arrows and signs. There is a final period of public consultation before these are finalised. 

If you are interested, please review the consultation document, and the proposed 'Blue Lines' map for the Seatoun area. If you wish to provide any feedback, consultation closes Thursday August 28

Seatoun School was established in 1916 as a 'side school' to Worser Bay.  In 1921, Seatoun was recognised as a separate school and in April 2002 we moved into our wonderful new facilities on the old Fort Dorset site. Seatoun School has a proud tradition of being a focal point in the community and has always enjoyed a high level of community involvement.

The school caters for children from new entrants up to year eight and reflects Seatoun's multi-cultural community.  Students from Maori, European, Indian, Pacific Island, Chinese and Asian backgrounds attend Seatoun School and we are extremely proud of the safe, caring, family environment our full primary status provides.

Seatoun School is about learning for everyone, children, parents and teachers - learning to know, learning to do, learning to live and learning to be.  We aim to accomplish the primary goal of education - engendering a love of learning, a desire to learn and a capability and confidence to learn.

Peter Pointon (Principal)

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